Shared Hosting is Bad for Business

Pride Tech Design does not offer shared hosting. We serve primarily business customers, and for any business it is important that your website is accessible 24 hours a day. It should load fast and it should load every time. I’ve written this guide to help you understand why shared hosting is a bad idea for business.

Why does shared hosting exist?

In the 1990s, websites were built using static HTML files. Eventually this model was upgraded to include Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). All rendering and processing is done on the client-side in the visitors web browser. What this means is you could serve many dozens of websites from a single low-powered server without any issues. This was the birth of the shared hosting service model.

Why shared hosting doesn’t work anymore

Memory and CPU

The vast majority of websites are no longer static HTML. Most of them are running WordPress which is built using PHP, a server-side programming language designed for the web. What that means is every time you load a page on a modern website, the server does a lot of work in the background. A single page load on WordPress will require around 5mb to 15mb of RAM. So 100 simultaneous visits to the server are going to require an average of 1GB of ram. 1000 visits would require 10GB of RAM. With dozens of customers on a single machine system RAM and CPU become exhausted quite regularly.

SQL Database Queries

The other piece of the WordPress equation is the database. Modern websites store their content within a relational database such as MySQL or MariaDB. Unless your server is specially configured to use a RAMDISK, databases are stored on either HDD or SSD storage devices. In a properly configured server SQL queries are fast. But in most shared hosting environments, the database cannot handle the load placed upon it. This is a common issue with all of the major hosting providers. A slow SQL query can easily add whole seconds to every page load. 10 second lag times are common. And sometimes the database crashes because it is being overloaded, and when that happens every website on that server goes offline until the database is restored.

Shared hosting is dishonest

Because of the physical resource bottlenecks I’ve described above, the shared hosting model is only functional when the majority of customers renting have extremely low-traffic websites. Low traffic on a business website is often synonymous with low performance, which means these hosting providers are banking on the failure of their customers’ businesses. For many business owners, that alone is enough reason to avoid shared hosting.

Do It Yourself, advertised as managed service

The majority of shared hosting services advertise their product as “managed hosting”, but it is not managed. You are given a Do It Yourself tool called cPanel and some instruction pages. Real managed service does not require the customer to do anything at all. A real managed hosting provider will install your website, configure your server, monitor for problems and ensure system updates are deployed and the server is kept safe from hackers. None of the major shared hosting providers offer real managed hosting.

Quality of support channels

Long delays and low quality

Web servers and websites are complicated systems of technologies working together. Sometimes things break, and when that happens you need fast, expert support so that your business is not harmed by the outage. Companies that sell their hosting for $10/mo and have millions of customers cannot afford to hire real experts to answer support calls and E-mails, so they farm that labor out to third world countries. This means you can’t ever get real answers for tough questions when you contact support. The best you can hope for is to have a ticket submitted, and then you wait hours or days for a real expert to address your concern. If you are using your website for business, that is wholly inadequate.

Support channels which are time-wasting and difficult to use

All of the major shared hosting providers will make you sit on the phone for hours just to talk to someone who is only going to create a ticket based on your description. Many of these providers refuse to offer a simple E-mail contact for creating tickets, which would significantly reduce your headaches. They want their labor-farm call centers to act as a filter, preventing the creation of tickets for “simple” issues. That is not the kind of tech support you want for your business website. A real business-class provider will offer you a direct phone number with zero wait times, and a simple E-mail address you can send support requests to.

Shared hosting costs more than a managed VPS

High quality fully managed VPS hosting can be had for as low as $15/mo. To receive comparable service from a reliable shared hosting provider can cost $100/mo or more. This is because operating a massive server cluster with tens of thousands of customers is far more complicated and risky than small private servers, and competent engineers are expensive to hire. The long-term costs of “cheap” shared hosting can also be very high, when you consider the wasted time on support calls and frequent service outages.

Conclusion: Shared Hosting is Bad for Business.

The majority of slow websites can see dramatic improvements simply by switching to a better hosting provider. Shared hosts will tell you to use CDNs and caching to compensate for their terrible service quality, but if you were to utilize those same techniques on a high quality managed VPS you would see even further improvements. Shared hosting is unreliable and a waste of your money. Your business website needs to be operational 24/7. It needs to load fast and consistently, no matter how much traffic it’s receiving.

Where to find Business Class hosting?

Pride Tech Design offers the highest quality of business class hosting in the world. Our hosting plans are packed with more features than anyone else. Our technical support model is personal and caring, which is to say we are interested in seeing our customers succeed. We’re not the only business class provider, but we are the most affordable. I invite you to E-mail us at for a free consultation on the most appropriate hosting service for your needs.