Maintenance: WordPress Updates

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Pride Tech Design will keep your website secure from hackers and data loss by deploying software updates every day, and creating backups of your website files and database every week. You can have these backups delivered to your cloud storage account automatically.


  • Daily WordPress & Plugin updates. This is essential to keep your website secure.
  • Weekly Backups of your website files and database.
  • Automatic delivery of backups to your cloud storage account.

Order Fulfillment

To start your service we will need to contact you for authorization to install an “agent” plugin on your website. The “agent” plugin provides a secure way to deploy updates and perform other maintenance tasks remotely, and it can be disabled by you at any time. Once your order is placed a Pride Tech Design engineer will contact you by E-mail within 24 hours to complete the fulfillment of your order. If you order during regular business hours it could be much faster.


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