Maintenance: WordPress Essentials


WordPress Essentials

Peace of mind should be affordable. Modern hackers use automatic tools which scan thousands of servers in minutes, identifying and attacking vulnerable systems. Your website is being poked every day for exploitable vulnerabilities. Compromised systems become slaves in massive DDoS botnets and spam relays. If unprepared, recovering from an attack can cost you hundreds of dollars. This maintenance package offers everything you need to protect your website. This service is included free with all of my hosting packages.

Software Updates

I will update your plugins and WordPress software every day, which will protect you against the majority of attacks. The core WordPress software updates itself automatically, but plugins do not. That makes this an essential routine for every WordPress website.

Backups & Recovery

Standard: Plugin Based

I will install and configure a plugin based backup solution to create full backups of your website files and database. These can be weekly, daily, or on a schedule you specify. Backups can be delivered automatically to your cloud storage service.

Optional: Off-Site Backups

You can choose to have a second set of incremental backups stored on an off-site Pride Tech Design server. This includes 7 daily, 5 weekly, and 12 monthly backups, which are retained for 1 year.

Standard: Disaster Recovery

Restoration of your website files and database using available backups is free.

Malware Scans

Every day your website will be scanned for malware. In the unlikely event that your website becomes compromised, I will restore a clean version of your site from backups. Then we can proceed to diagnose and fix any unchecked vulnerabilities to prevent repeated attacks.


This optional feature starts with a security audit of your website and webserver. Next I will install and configure efficient security tools, as well as making configuration enhancements to your webserver which will protect you from hackers and increase the safety of your users.

24/7 Monitoring

With this optional feature your website will be monitored 24 hours a day for outages, errors, and other signs of trouble. In the event of an alert, I will quickly diagnose and attempt to repair the trouble. This service includes monitoring the status of your SSL certificate, so if renewal fails we will be alerted 30 days in advance of expiration.

Order Fulfillment

Orders placed during business hours are processed immediately. Orders placed outside business hours are fulfilled within 24 hours. There is no money due at sign-up, you can try this service free for 14 days. When you place your order, you will be contacted by E-mail to complete the setup.

$2.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

Website Address *

Please provide the URL (Website Address) for which you are seeking maintenance.

Backups Options

Choose from standard plugin based backups, or plugin + off-site backups for additional protection.

Cloud Storage

Optionally you can have your backups delivered to your cloud storage service.

Security & Monitoring

Optional security enhancements and 24/7 monitoring with immediate response to alerts.