Frequently Asked Questions

Pride Tech Design

What is your Mission Statement?

Pride Tech Design seeks to improve the world by providing affordable access to the highest quality of technology services for businesses and non-profit organizations who are the backbone of a strong civilization.

Website Hosting

Your website seems different from other hosting providers

Most hosting providers use their website as a “Customer Portal” where you create your account, pay your bill, cancel your subscriptions, or add and manage services. We feel that approach is very impersonal, creating many artificial barriers between the customer and the hosting provider. It also inflates overhead costs due to the need for extra security and ongoing development and bugtesting. Lastly, it inconveniences the customer when something breaks, which happens pretty frequently with those other providers.

Pride Tech Design has taken a different approach, which some might call “old fashioned”. We want to get to know each of our customers. Our website is used only to describe our services, provide a simple point of contact, and a means of accepting payments for services. All service creation and management is handled externally, with an emphasis on E-mail communication between our customers and our systems engineers. This creates a personal connection that you won’t find at any other hosting company. This also reduces security risks because it is impossible to cause harm to your service from the account page on our website, and stored payment information is kept off-site on secured servers at our payment processor,

What happens when I order?

When you order hosting service on our website, an E-mail is sent to our Systems Engineer team. For most orders we will immediately build your server according to the options you selected during checkout. In some cases we may contact you first by E-mail to confirm certain details about your order.

VPS creation takes about 20 to 60 minutes. The server itself is prepared right away, and then it takes time to update the operating system software and install standard applications and optional features you may have chosen during checkout.

Dedicated server creation takes 24 to 48 hours because a physical machine must be prepared by a data center technician.

When your server is created we will E-mail you a temporary and password protected link to a debriefing page which will provide you with all of the details you need to connect to and control your server. For security purposes this link expires after 7 days, but you can save the document in a secure place such as your password manager application, an encrypted storage device, or just print it out and store it in a locked safe in your home.

Do you own your servers or rent?

For now we are a small organization and we rent our Virtual Private Servers from Digital Ocean. We have done extensive research on VPS providers and based on quality of service and actual real-world results we found them to be the best choice for our customers. Digital Ocean does not provide OS level support without extremely hefty fees, which is where our service comes in.

What’s the difference between your hosting and ServerPilot or RunCloud?

ServerPilot is an automated Do It Yourself application which simplifies the use of Digital Ocean servers, our service is a fully managed hosting service wherein we handle 100% of your system administration needs including the installation of most software. Further, ServerPilot requires you to use Ubuntu, which is a commercial distribution aimed at desktop workstations, and not a suitable platform for a serious business server. We use Debian on our servers, which is the most stable and mature of Linux distributions, as well as having the best philosophy about how computers should be used to improve the world.

Can I control my own server?

Our customers receive full root access and are allowed to install anything they want. Many software installations can be handled by our support department completely free of charge, by simply sending an E-mail to

Do you provide free backups?

With each of our hosting plans we offer free daily backups. We provide free restoration once every 90 days, and sometimes more depending on circumstances. Our backups are stored off-site on a secure server in an undisclosed location. Only our lead engineer has access to the data on our backup server.

Why don’t you offer Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is a scam, and you can bet anyone who argues differently is probably pocketing money from it. Shared Hosting is a business model which provides customers with the lowest quality of service at the highest price that you are willing to pay. Pride Tech Design was founded on the highest of ethical standards, and so we only offer 100% private servers. We have published an article describing the systemic problems with shared hosting, and you can read that here: Shared Hosting is Bad for Business.

How do you handle maintenance updates?

Our servers are updated every night around 3am in the timezone of the server’s location. There is no downtime for these standard updates. Once in awhile it may be necessary to reboot a server to deploy a new version of the Linux Kernel for security purposes. When this is the case we will schedule a reboot to happen overnight and notify our effected customers in advance. We try to provide 7 days advance notice but for serious security updates we may have to act faster. Reboots usually last only for 5 to 10 minutes, and are monitored closely by our engineers for signs of trouble. We never perform maintenance during business hours.

How can you guarantee 100% uptime?

Our servers have never suffered an unplanned outage. We monitor our customer’s servers and websites 24/7, and in the event of an error or outage our engineer team is immediately notified by loud noisy alarms. An immediate diagnosis of the problem is performed and when possible, a swift repair solution is deployed. After the problem is resolved an Incident Report is created and stored for internal tracking so if a pattern develops our engineers can solve the issue before it manifests as a problem for our customers. In the extremely unlikely event of an unplanned outage of a few minutes in length we offer 1 day of compensation. If an outage lasts longer than 15 minutes we offer 1 month of compensation. That is our 100% uptime guarantee.

Website Design

What is your delivery time?

Most website build projects are completed within 3 to 5 weeks. We do offer 7 day rush service for a fee.

Do you build custom designs or use themes?

Unless specifically requested otherwise, we always build each site custom to meet your specific needs.

Do you only build with WordPress?

We believe WordPress is the best choice for 99% of websites, and we encourage most of our customers to use it. We can build your website in static HTML or any software you like, including Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and others.