Flexible Webserver Options

Apache, Nginx, or LiteSpeed? We are now offering our customers a choice of Apache, Nginx, or OpenLiteSpeed! What's the difference? While all 3 options are suitable for serving any sort of website, your project may require specific features provided by only one. Interested? If you have any questions about your current server configuration or ... Read More »

13th Nov 2019
Customer Portal Maintenance Completed

The scheduled maintenance of our Customer Portal has been completed. If you experience any issues, we first recommend clearing your browser cache, but if that doesn't fix them then please contact support by E-mailing support@pridetechdesign.com.

13th Apr 2019
Customer Portal Maintenance

During the next week we will be re-structuring our servers to improve efficiency. This means that there may be periods of time where the customer portal is unavailable. It is our goal to complete this project swiftly and with a minimum of impact to our customers. Please bear with us during this project. If you experience any trouble reaching our ... Read More »

7th Apr 2019
Quarterly system reboots

We have scheduled system reboots for Sunday, April 7th. All servers will be rebooted in the late Sunday evening through early Monday morning, based on the timezone of the server. These reboots are necessary to fully deploy the latest available security patches. The process should take about 5 to 15 minutes, and will be closely monitored by ... Read More »

4th Apr 2019
Regional firewall blocks

The problem: The majority of attacks on websites come from a small number of global regions, for example China and Russia. The solution: We are happy to announce we are rolling out optional regional firewall blocks. These are completely optional. By customer request, you can have any global region firewalled, preventing any address in that ... Read More »

19th Mar 2019
New Billing & Support Systems


Pride Tech Design is converting to new Billing and Support systems to improve our customer experience. If you experience any issues please notify us at support@pridetechdesign.com

26th Feb 2019