Reasons to Choose WordPress

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So Many Choices

In the early days of the web there were not many considerations when planning a new site. You would simply write your content in HTML, style your site in CSS, and publish. These days we want more from a website. Complex capabilities such as secure logins, rotating graphics, shopping carts and database handling. To handle all of these requirements, we’ve created a new class of software called “Content Management Systems” or CMS for short. When you’re planning a new website there’s many different CMS available and it can be challenging to know which one you should use for your project. Developer opinions on this subject vary, however I am going to tell you that for most web projects, especially hobby blogs, business and non-profit websites, WordPress is the best choice. Here are the top 5 reasons.

Redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS

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There are lots of “plugins” and “applications” being sold to people these days which perform this step but they are not necessary. All you need is a small configuration edit. This works for both Apache and Nginx.